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Netherlands grow 15 tomato varieties on basalt fiber

Duijvestijn Tomaten has developed successful tomato production, growing this vegetable on basalt substrate.

10:37:30 19.01.2018

Annual International Exhibition Composite-Expo to be held in Moscow

The 11th edition of International Specialized Exhibition on raw materials, equipment and technologies for composites' producing will be held February 27-March 1 in Expocentre Fairgrounds.

09:34:58 19.01.2018

JEC World 2018 to kick off in France on March 6th

JEC World 2018 is one of the largest and the most important trade shows in the composite world. This year the organizers expect over 40 thousand attendees representing all the composite value chain including raw materials, composites and products, and also end users.

09:44:34 18.01.2018

Microsoft Ventures made investment in 3D printing with fibers

Apart from Microsoft Ventures, 3D printing with various fiber types, offered by startup Markforged, attracted interest from Porsche and Siemens. The investments raised by the startup from these tech giants amounted to $30 million.

10:08:26 17.01.2018

Fuel cell safety sensor for composite cylinders received JEC Award

UK’s R-Tech Materials developed an early warning safety sensor for hydrogen fuel cell storage tanks in cars. The device received JEC Asia Innovation Award, which highlights innovation introduced by the British company.

10:06:26 16.01.2018

Ducati Monster got dressed in basalt fiber

A lightweight and stylish motorcycle based on Ducati Monster 400 was created by Max Betteridge, New Zealander who used basalt fiber as the main material for the body.

10:23:20 15.01.2018

Cut-out stone wool pipe sections are not inferior in quality to those made by winding method

Stone wool pipe sections made by cutting out process have thermal conductivity values that are comparable with pipe sections made by winding method.

10:12:18 12.01.2018

Basalt fiber in shipbuilding discussed at E-LASS conference

Prospects for basalt fiber applications have become a topic of discussion at the conference held by the European network for lightweight applications at sea (E-LASS) and RAMSSES project.

10:11:04 11.01.2018

Russians are the best in Composite Battle World Cup 2017

The team from the IEC “Composites of Russia” of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University took the first places in the projects presentation and intellectual contest at the Composite Battle World Cup 2017.

10:08:48 11.01.2018

Global geotextile market to reach $ 7 billion by 2027

The analysts observe that since the last couple of years, the growth of the textile industry and the consumption of technical textiles, including geotextile, have been relatively slow in key global economies. Particularly countries like China, Brazil and Russia showed lacklustre growth in 2015 due to the slower economic growth.

09:46:48 10.01.2018


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